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Hey there paper peeps! Welcome to my little corner of blogland! This is my fun and happy little place where I enjoy sharing my creative adventures, such as spending 8 hours on a layout just to have my cat throw up on it, or my $8.00 bottle of quick dry glue that exploded and covered an entire hotel room.. I love having a place to come and document all of the beautiful and crazy and wonderful little details that make up my life! I am a Christian girl that has 2 little darling boys (ok they're not so little anymore but whatev), I love my family and I love this crazy life. Also, I love scrapbooking! I do. I just love it. The pretty paper, the memory keeping, the brand new supplies, love love love. It just makes my heart so happy knowing that someday the boys are going to be able to look back at their 6th birthday when Uncle Aaron threw their poor mom into the lake at gramma's house, or that Kyle got 12 stitches in his forehead for jumping off the bed onto (into?) the corner of the dresser. How fun is that?! I think it's awesome. So. Here's a few tidbits about me, just for the record.. Here we go.

-I have 2 little darlings I like to call, Kyle & Brandon, they are freeking hysterical. And cute.
-One of my favorite places in the world is on my front porch swing, in comfy jammy pants, thumbing through a fresh hot-off-the-presses crisp new artsy fartsy mag, and drinking a fresh steaming hot cup of coffee with french vanilla creamer. Heaven. 
-If I run out of cat food for the day, my 2 sweet little felines will sneak into my scrapbook room and literally tear. it. to. shreds. while I'm at work. They just know..
-I have 3 Catahoula dogs. They think they are human and yes they talk to me. 
-That's 5 freeking animals if you haven't picked up on that. 
- I have a sweet ride. A pink Schwinn, no basket.
-Dessert makes me swoon. Heck any food does, lets be real.
-I am a dreamer, I dream about traveling to other countries and teaching scrapbook classes! & even just wandering around aimlessly would work....with a mouth full of macarons..
-I love gardening! I think it's the coolest thing that you can put a little seed in the dirt and it grows into something beautiful! God is so amazing. 
-I love sports! Currently I am addicted to golf, well, ok. I just like driving the cart really, and wearing cute skirts. And carrying my blinding hot pink Nike golf bag. that I'm pretty sure you can see from outer space..  I played softball most of my life, baseball is in my blood. I took the dudes to the Field Of Dreams and not to sound like a weirdo but it was the most magical day with them ever. Loved it.

So that's me in a nutshell. Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to visit anytime!

Love, Sarah


  1. Nice looking projects on your blog so far. If you have a chance and want to can you post pictures of your dogs. My dog is part Catahoula and most people don't even know what a Catahoula is so it is unusual to run into someone who has one. Not long after we got her we ran into a catahoula on vacation in Alaska of all things.

    1. Karen! Thank you so much for commenting you sweet thing! Yes I most certainly will! This will give me a reason to get out there and take some good ones ;) xoxoxo

  2. You are a girl after my own heart!!! Some day I will join you on your fabulous front porch sipping our fav #1 drink COFFEE with our fav-french vanilla creamer.....sisters we are! hugs

  3. ok this is going to sound weird but we are sisters.....my birthday is June 24th.....just days apart....bwahhhh


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