my story

Hey babes! If you've happened to stumble across my page and you're wondering who this broad is,  here's the dealio.. ;)

~ full time workin momma of 2 amazing boys who are my whole world

~ super passionate about memory keeping & not only taking pictures, but printing them! (gasp?!?!)

~ Outlander junky (obsessed!)

 professional day dreamer

~ enjoying apartment living (i love our cozy little nest!)

~ lover of Jesus, Christmas, white chocolate mochas, romantic comedies, & treasure hunting

~ collector of the number 3

~ dreams of living in a cute little twinkle-lit cabin in the woods

~ save the drama fo yo mama

~ total school supply nerd (yes I sniff crayons)

~ patriot

~ speak sarcasm fluently

~ can spot a glass of Moscato D'Asti at 20 paces

~ shabby chic lover, flea marketer, junk in the trunker