off to a great start


Hey paper peeps, Happy Monday! Did you have a wonderful Christmas & New Year's? Phew it was kind of a whirlwind wasn't it?! I'm always so sad when it's over ;( I looovvee Christmas and I love the idea of a fresh new year! Actually mines off to a pretty sweet start.. I made the Project Life Creative Team wooohoooo!! I'm super excited because I really need to get some memories documented wowza, and this will push me to make stuff! I need to get busy! This past year we had so many changes & so many amazing & crazy & wonderful things happen that I don't want to forget anything! That's why I love Project Life, it's such an awesome way of capturing your memories. I don't do the whole document every week thing though, I just scrap whatever is striking my fancy at the moment. Whether it's a special event, going out for ice cream, or snuggling on the couch, whatever it might be, and that's ok too! You just gotta do whateva works for you, right? 
I love opening an album and seeing all of those little pockets filled with either a cute card.. or a photo of my loveys.. or journaling of a sweet memory or even just some sequins.. it just makes my heart sooo happy! Plus I just love how you can take your little everyday moments and make them look so sweet and special ;) after all, there's no such thing as an ordinary moment right?! 

Ugh I am so in love with these little 3x4 cards, it reminds me of my brother collecting baseball cards when we were little! I may or may not hoard them... this one is actually a Studio Calico card, by Jasmine Jones. Her handwriting is so amazing! Love it!

 PL cards are so darling usually you don't even have to do anything to them, but I just love adding little sprinkles to them.. even if it's just a little bow like this cute Heidi Swapp one! You know me I can never leave anything alone buhahahaaaa... 

Also, please don't forget to include your handwriting in your projects, it makes it so very special! Whether you like your handwriting or not, it is a part of you. And that's important. 

Have a lovely day dearest,

xoxo Sarah