Prepping Your Memory Planner!

Hello there paper peeps! Today I would love to show you some tips on using the brand new Heidi Swapp Sticker Set at Michael's in your Memory Planners! I had so much fun! If you're not familiar with the sticker set, it's this whole awesome line of washi tapes, stickers, notepads, etc. and they're all in color stories! I'm talkin pure eye candy loves!
So how are you all coming along in your planners? I'm so curious to know how you guys do yours, like do you prep them ahead of time? Do you fill it in as you go? I kind of do both! I like to make the calendar pages real cutesy, then fill in the photos and quotes and things as they happen throughout the month! And of course, the most important thing, the #onelittlethingeveryday! This is my favorite thing about the Memory Planner! Life is flying by so quickly, and we like to tell ourselves that "oh yeah that was so  cute or so funny, I'll remember that." Ohhh no. We need to write it down because the truth is we WILL forget! And there are way too many wonderful little moments throughout the day to let them just slip on by! Write them down! I usually save that little quote area at the bottom of the calendar page for the funny things the boys say, then when I go back and look I just giggle!
Ok so here's how my month of September is looking so far!

I decided to go with the fall theme! Aqua & gold seemed to be perfect for it! September here in Illinois is soo beautiful, so I chose the gold acetate word "beautiful" to put underneath September! Then of course a glittery hashtag and adorable aqua bow tie adds fabulous but easy detail ;)

In the sticker set there are these adorable and dainty aqua glittery alphas, and rolls and rolls of glorious washi tapes! The aqua looks so good on the gold stripes, love it! Super fall-ee ;)

Also, there are packs of glittered tags! And it wouldn't be right to have a fall theme without the leaves right?! I decided to be a little creative and run 2 of the tags through my Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutter with a Tim Holtz tattered leaf die! They turned out super cute with that ever popular "dipped" look! Then just clip them on with a mint green bulldog clip and you have instant autumn on your calendar woot woot! Of course you could use any die for any occasion though ;)

Look how cute this washi is?! With the words printed on it?! Just tear a little snippet and place it on your page, and it just adds super easy details to your page! Plus those glittery puffy stickers...

Also in the sticker set there are packs of little mini notepads and flags, these are cute to flag a special day you need to remember, just makes it pop more off the page so you don't forget!

I love these puffy glitter alphas! If you place a word on top of a little notepad sheet it looks really cool!

If you're looking to spice up your pages a little, just lay some washi tape in between your days! Kind of divides them up, plus you get to see the cute patterns on the tape!

 These flag paper clips make it easy to just clip some tags and things onto your pages so you always have extra supplies with you! Kinda convenient!

So there ya have it folks! A little peek into my planner for the month of September... can't wait to fill it up! The chunkier the better I always say ;) There's nothing like having all of your precious memories right at your fingertips.

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Are You Ready For Some Football?!

Well hello there paper peeps! Another football season is upon us, and I still have a ton of pics to scrap from last year's season lol! The Heidi Swapp September Skies Project Life is so perfect for pretty much anything, it can be pretty or masculine! There are so many cute cards in this collection I am so in love with it!
The navy blue just happens to be perfect for his uniform lol!
Here's the left side;
I love cutting up my Project Life cards to use them on other cards, and I was thinking about a way I could add some "football" elements to the page... I found this cute brown raised dot rubbery paper at Hobby Lobby so I cut a 3x4 card out of it, then cut up a white and gray wood grain PL card from September Skies and used that as my football threads lol! Kinda cheesy but fun! Gotta be creative sometimes!
I love being able to see all of these cute pictures all at once! That is one of the best things about Project Life. After all, documenting your memories is the whole point right?!
Especially breathtaking sunsets...
One thing I'll never forget is how I used to love hearing "tackle by" and then my son's name... It was exciting! But just in case I do forget, I journaled it here. You just never know! I could've just written, this is your sophomore year of football blah blah blah, but I wanted to make sure I wrote down something that would help me remember some sort of emotion related to what my son was doing, does that make sense? I want my kids to know how much I loved watching them do things that they loved! How much I am so thankful I got to be there for them through it all ;)
I had some blue & white striped paper left from a Minc project so I trimmed that down to 4x6 and used that, looks super cute in the layout! I. Love. Stripes.

So there really are no limits as to what you can do with these gorgeous Project Life kits, and when you add just a little imagination? Beautiful things happen.
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Heidi Swapp September Skies Project Life Kits
Striped Minc Patterned Paper
Blue Reactive Minc Foil