Memory Planner **January Review**

Well hello there happy Sunday! Did you start a planner for this year? Are you doing the Heidi Swapp Memory Planner? I am! And it is the awesome! I love it! It is soooo beautiful, and all of the products that go along with it are just as amazing! Today I am going to show you how I am doing mine! So let's take a look!
 This is what you see when you open the front cover;

I have all sorts of goodies in my pocket! Maggie Massey gave me the brilliant idea of laminating some of the printables from the Capture 30 class, so here is my Daily Prompts sheet all laminated up nice and it won't get ruined by my grubby mitts!

There has been talk about on some of the pouches the holes aren't aligned with the binder rings, and that's how mine was but ya know what? We're scrappers, we make things work, that's what we do. We're innovative. I bound the edge with some washi tape, then punched new holes. I mean there's worse things in life right? Like my cat throwin up all over my Christmas mini album cover. Now that's something to complain about here people.
I laminated this beauty, then added some pretty things! I have been using those little word stickers on EVERYTHING. I love them.
I also laminated the hole marker from the class too! So awesome!
Everything in the planner is so beautiful, look at those flowers! I added some of Maggie Holmes's flowers from her ephemera pack from the Open Book Collection, they match perfectly!
The washi tape booklet is the coolest thing! There are so many cute patterns, I just love them! So brill! These little snips add just the right amount of cuteness to a page!

Ok sooo I found this little gold shiny cute fringe layin around at CHA so I just clipped it right in there with an Instax photo, looks super cute in there. I love the "bliss" washi snip right there, it looks perfect!

Here's some more pages,

I wasn't sure how I wanted to use those long numbered strips, so I decided to use them as gratitude lists. One little thing everyday that I'm grateful for, keeps my head in the right place. There is always always something to be thankful for. Freedom & Excedrin baby. Freedom & Excedrin.

This is definitely something worthy of documenting;

I'm don't think I'm at liberty to explain exactly why we laughed until we cried, but believe me when I say this photo led to the craziest mini van ride, ever.


Ohmygosh so you might've seen this photo of Kyle & I ice skating? Welll it's kinda crazy now because shortly after this? We were in ER getting his appendix out. For reals! That is why I love this planner! You can capture every moment so easily, and so fast! Without having to sit down and make a whole layout! It's amazing!
At CHA Heidi gave me a card, so I just stuck it on the page that she wrote on and voila! So cool.

Don't forget about your favorite song lyrics for the quote areas! Music is such a huge part of my day to day life, I can't leave it out.

I'm not getting very artsy fartsy with my planner, maybe I will in the months where I don't have a lot going on? I had a lot to journal on this week so that's pretty much all it is. And you know what? That's perfectly fine if that's all you do. Do what works for you.
 I put in a little card with a picture of Kyle in the ER in here, then filled it with more journaling, more private feelings type of journaling.

I love this striped envelope from the Capture 30 class! So cute!

The September Skies Stamp Set is one of my favorite sets ever, so I'm going to be using that in here alot!

I also laminated Heidi's Dream Flow Chart from the class, it's adorable.

So there's a lil tour of how I'm doing my Memory Planner, not too fancy but I'm getting all of my days documented and it feels sooo good. If I look back to just a week, it's like ohmygosh I had already forgotten things?! So crazy! Life is moving soo fast. One thing I remember hearing down the planner line was, "if you forget it, then it's like it never happened." Wow. Scary. There is way too much richness in our everyday lives to just let those moments slip by us. Write stuff down peeps!
Thank you so much for stopping by! Can't wait to see your planners make sure you tag us on Insty!
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Big Dreams Portfolio

It's the weekend baby! How are you?! I'm sure you've heard about this fantastic new foil applicator machine, The Minc by Heidi Swapp? Here's a pic I grabbed from Pinterest to give you a little look see at what it is if you haven't;
This machine is absolutely awesome! A total game changer! I got the pleasure of demoing it at CHA and all of the people who tried it flipped! It was ooohhh's and ahhhh's the whole time, truly!
So I've been playing with this little toy here lately, and came up with a fun project you can make out of Heidi Swapp's new Wanderlust Portfolio that you can find at JoAnn's Stores! It looks like this when you buy it;
 (I flipped when I saw the gold & white striped flap, it's gorgeous! And the inside is white with gold foiled pin dots! Soooo adorable!) It's this super cute chipboard album that folds open that you can alter, and that's exactly what I did! I chose one of the 12x12 papers that goes along with the Minc products (mint green paper with Heidi's handwriting about dreams all over it, gorgeous!) , trimmed and wrapped it around the portfolio, adhered it, then embellished it! You can create a mini album for the inside or whatever you want! Here's how my cover turned out;
A mini album by @sarahbargo for @hkswapp using the new Minc Foil Applicator and Wanderlust Portfolio! #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsMinc #hsWanderlust #minialbum #journal
Within the Minc products, there are TONS of different embellishments you can use, such as flowers, tags, even chipboard pieces! I chose to use butterflies, I just think they go along with the "dream theme" so well!
A mini album by @sarahbargo for @hkswapp using the new Minc Foil Applicator and Wanderlust Portfolio! #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsMinc #hsWanderlust #minialbum #journal
Then I just layered them with a Minc confetti banner piece and some of the Wanderlust flowers ephemera that come in the Flea Market Pouch Kit;
A mini album by @sarahbargo for @hkswapp using the new Minc Foil Applicator and Wanderlust Portfolio! #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsMinc #hsWanderlust #minialbum #journal
There's 3 pouches that have different goodies inside, they are so stinkin cute! I love the vellum emvelopes ;)
I like to keep a little bowl of gold paper clips by me when I scrap, I just love the look of something just being slapped on and held in place with a paper clip lol! So cute.
A mini album by @sarahbargo for @hkswapp using the new Minc Foil Applicator and Wanderlust Portfolio! #heidiswapp #scrapbooking #hsMinc #hsWanderlust #minialbum #journal
Super fun right?! I can't wait to create my little album to go inside here!  I'm not sure how I'm going to do my closure yet, might do a little magnet inside the flap? The portfolio comes with a black elastic band that wraps around the flap, maybe I'll just spray paint it white that'd be kinda cool!
Don't forget to tag us up on Instagram using #hsWanderlust or #hsMinc  if you make one, we love to see what you create! Have a beautiful day and thank you so much for stopping in, it's always a pleasure! xoxo
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Enjoy The View- Watercolor Edges

Well heller there! Ohmygosh I have so much fun stuff to share with you! But first today I want to share a layout with you! Heidi Swapp has a new gorgeous collection out called "Wanderlust," and that's what I used on my page today, along with some Thickers. I hafta admit, I realized that I am a bit of a Thickers hoarder, and I plan on utilizing them lol! Starting today! 
I took this picture of my tootsies with my phone as I was lying on Newport Beach. I have never been there before, and I am so glad I got to spend some time there in January! It was breathtakingly beautiful! As soon as you walk onto it, the aroma of the salty sea air just fills your nose. It is pure heaven.
The "Enjoy the View" die cut is actually part of the Minc Foil Applicator products! Gold foil adds such a beautiful touch to your paper projects! You HAVE to get your hands on one of these new machines, you will be astounded! They are amazing!
This collection has this pretty yellowy floral paper, so I fussy cut a few of those babies and tucked them under my picture to draw some attention to it. I just love these papers together, they scream BEACH! SUMMER! WARM!! And those stripes just remind me of a canopy stretched out over the beach!
That cute little "today" wood veneer is sprayed with the "Ocean" Color Shine, and it comes in a little pack of 4, and there are a bunch of packs so you're definitely going to find the word you want :)

I wanted to play with some of Heidi's new Color Shine Colors, Ocean & Patina which are my new faves! They are sooo beautiful! I wanted to add a little color to the edges, but I wanted it to look kinda watercolory because it's a picture of the sea, so if you want this look this is what you do;

1. Grab a makeup sponge, and spray both colors next to each other down onto your craft mat.
2. Then spray one shot of water onto each Color Shine puddle.
3. Take your makeup sponge and dab into one color, then gently brush it over your edges.
4. Then take the same sponge, dab in into the other color and brush that over those same edges.
5. Voila! That's it!

Then if you want these watercolory droplets, this is what I do;

1. Spray Color Shine one time into the lid.
2. Spray a shot of water into that same lid.
3. Fling that onto a paper towel to get most of it out so you don't get a big glob onto your project (unless you want that of course!)
4. Fling the remaining mixture into droplets onto your paper. Just kinda flick your wrist and it should look like this;

 **Be sure to mask off any area with a paper towel that you don't want droplets on.** I may have overdone it but whatevs, it's all good!
Lots of fun things ahead, like a CHA recap, some Capture 30, some more fun pages, things like that! I hope you'll join me!
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