Capture 30 Class, Day One! Who Are You??

Well Happy New Year!!! Isn't it a wonderful feeling knowing that we get to start a brand new fresh year? I love that feeling! And I'm especially excited today because Heidi Swapp's new class "Capture 30" over at Big Picture Classes starts woot woot! It's going to be fabulous! I am going to try so hard to keep up everyday with the Daily Doses! Today Heidi asked the question, "Who Are You?" Yikes! I guess I don't really think about that too much, but I guess you kinda have to find out who you are if you really want to figure out what you want, right? Makes sense! In the resources section there is a tab called Resources, and in it are some really cute printables! One of them is the January Notes one, it's kind of a ledger pattern with some pretty flowers on the bottom. I printed that out to jot down some ideas on "who I am," but the more private things about me I will conceal in that handy dandy little envelope Heidi designed for us, basically because she's awesome ;) Here's my little page;
I think the secret to keepin up with this class is to keep things simple, yet of course still add a little pizzazz to it!

The glitter buzz words are the perfect thing to add a little sparkle! Another thing I like to keep on hand for my planners are gold paper clips, it's so easy to just clip something on and go!
I cannot wait to fill up my planner with all of my precious everyday moments! Remember, every day is a gift, there is no such thing as an "ordinary day!" Savor each moment!
I hope you have a blessed new year!!
xoxo Rah