Heidi Swapp Instax Planner Kit

Hello there paper peeps! Ummm have you seen that Heidi Swapp has teamed up with Fuji?! Oh yes she did! And there are a ton of cute new products that she designed to go along with the fabulous little Instax Camera that we all know and love eeekkk!!! And they are available at Michael's woot woot!
Today I want to share one of the products with you, it's the Instax Planner Kit!
This is what's in the kit! (minus the scissors and clipboard) Lots of cute stickers! There are frame stickers, sentiment/occasion stickers, and month stickers in Heidi's handwriting which are sooo cute!

When you open up the front cover, on the left is this lovely dark pink with a gold floral pattern, and on the right is a solid pale pink page, just waiting for you to put pretty stuff on it!

 The other day a friend of mine asked what I did with the PL cards I don't use in layouts... Welll one thing I like to do with them is to layer them in my planner! That's what I did here! Sometimes they're just too pretty to put away and I want to look at them all the time! ;)

On the bottom left hand corner, do you see that cute little picture with the white frame? That's an Instax Photograph. In Heidi's new Instax products there are packs of cute stickers that you can put right onto your little photos! I adore them!

On the next page, you have a calendar outlook page! The month stickers are in gorgeous gold and Heidi's handwriting! So awesome! I love when the tops of calendar planner pages are pretty, so I sliced a 4x6 Project Life Card from the Prismatic Core Kit in half lengthwise, then trimmed it down just a little to fit perfectly in the spaces! Now I can look at this beautiful floral print all month yay!

Here I layered an Instax pic of my mom and I, a large gold glitter heart sticker from the Intax line, and a Project Life Watercolor Word. I love these words ohmygosh! It is so fun to spray them with Color Shine and make them match your project! It just takes a few little simple things to make your planner look awesome! Then you can fill it up with your memories later!

If you go ahead and turn the next page, there is a light pink page on the left with a subtle white floral print, and on the right starts the fun planning section! Look at the cute frame sticker you can put around the days to make them stick out?!

I layered some Project Life Cards from the Prismatic Kit with an adorable Instax photo of my mom and boys! It's like a mini scrapbook page ;) My people make me happy!

Remember the cute stickers I mentioned that you can put right on your photo? The b&w stripes on this pic is one of them! I know right?! Soooo cuuuttteee!!!! I was giggling when I placed the Adventure sticker at the top then placed a photo of my son napping right underneath bahaha! #motheroftheyear

This is my Pink Instax Camera, I love this little guy! I dreamt about having a light pink camera when I was a little girl... sometimes our dreams come true it just takes a few years lol!

Make sure you watch Heidi's and her media team's IG feeds to check out all of the sneak peeks showcasing all of Heidi's fab new Instax products coming soon to a Michael's near you! One thing is cuter than the next eek!

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#hsProjectLife, Stickers, & Sprinkles!

Well hello there paper peeps! Happy Friday woot woooottt!! Who's looking forward to some creative time this weekend?! I hope most of you said yes! Lately I've been working on some Project Life with my new Heidi Swapp goodies at Michael's! Holy cow Heidi's got so much awesome stuff goin on in there! She's got her new Project Life out, and have you seen her new sticker set?! It's all divided up into color stories, and it is absolutely awesomeness! I combined the two lines and came up with a new layout, come check it out!
In January of this year, the day after CHA ended, us girls went and spent a whole glorious day at Newport Beach in Cali! After squishing our toes in the sand and gazing at the beautiful sea, we went back into town and stopped at Sprinkles Cupcakes! I had never been in one before, but I remember seeing something about it on T.V. so I was super stoked! Oh it is the cutest little place! Of course I had to document my memories of it! It's the simple things in life that make it so delightful!  
Heidi's new PL kits have so many beautiful jewel tone types of colors in them, including these gorgeous pinks in the Prismatic Core Kit and Prismatic 4x4 Card Kit! I thought they would look darling paired with the chocolate brown in the photos!
Here I simply cropped a photo I took of the Sprinkles sign, then added some goodies from the sticker line! There are these fabulous glittered photo frames, and I snipped off one of the corners and made it into a photo corner! Then clip on a fussy cut flower at the top, and add a few cute stickers right onto the photo!
The new #hsProjectLife set has these really cool interactive pocket style elements with inserts! I kind of altered mine a little bit, simply take a large circle punch and create a notch at the top! Then you can tuck little items inside, like one of those adorable glittered tags tied with bakers twine!
I embellished the insert that comes in the pocket with some of the cute swirly pink letter stickers and a very fitting phrase;
#theending=in my belly ;)
Part of the sticker set are these awesome washi tape towers! Seriously, I've been using this tape constantly it is so cute! Here it made a perfect cupcake shelf divider lol! I love using my supplies as an addition to my photos! It adds a fun little twist ;)

On the left I simply placed a 4x4 Insta frame right over the card, and it adds the perfect touch! I love how it frames the heart in! So cute!

Ok sooo I'm a total dork when it comes to saving ephemera from the places I visit, such as cards and menus and like here, cute brown glassine bags! I just thought their sticker with their logo was so stinkin cute I had to make it part of my page! Just add little stickers to remember the year, and boom. Done.

I think the pinky watercolor tape with the gold hearts is my favorite...

These new Project Life cards are so beautiful, but paired with the new stickers set at Michael's? Wellll loves that just puts the cherry on top.. ;)

SUPPLIES; Project Life Frames,  Project Life Prismatic Core Kit, Project Life Pockets With Inserts,  Project Life 4x4 Prismatic Cards 

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