Dreamy Tag Mini Album

Yayyyyy we have a birth day to celebrate today! Lindsay Bateman had her little baby boy today woohoo! Such an exciting and a muchly anticipated day! So thankful everything went well and Lindsay and the baby are safe and sound, together at last ;) Today on the Heidi Swapp Blog there was a little surprise for her and the baby! We all decorated a tag from the new "Dreamy" collection to put together and form one big gorgeous chunky mini tag album! It is going to be the cutest little thing for her to fill with baby goodness! We also wrote a little message for her too, please go check out the post it is sooo sweet!
Here is the tag I created, I made it so it can open and Lindsay can put a little picture of her new little man inside it ;)
I used some of the new Heidi Swapp stamps at Michael's and Powder colored embossing powder by American Crafts, that is my favorite color powder to use other than white ;)
Lots of cute ephemera from the new Dreamy Collection! Gorgeous colors!

This is what you see when you open it up;


Of course every celebration needs a banner!

I just die-cut letters and stuffed them into a glassine bag, then when she pulls on the string it will say this;

This project was so much fun! New babies are so special, especially little baby boys!  Just wait til you see how much little boys love their mamas, Lindsay ;)

Have a beautiful night!
Love, Rah

Garden Journal

Hello loves! I'm not sure if you heard, but over at the Marion Smith Designs Blog there is a big ole beautiful blog hop along with Petaloo! If you love their gorgeous flowers, wait til you see them paired with Marion's papers wowza?! If you haven't been over there, you are going to want to check it out, there is some amazing projects goin on! You will be super inspired for spring I promise!  So I only posted a little sneaky peeky of my garden journal, here are a few more pics!

To create the tag, spray a parcel tag with Pink & Blush Color Shines, and distress the edges with Walnut Distress Ink. Then take Marion's new Texture Stamp and add ink in random places, then stamp down on the tag after it's totally dry. Tuck it behind a chipboard clock!
I thought it would be cute to layer things on top of a polka dotty brown bag, and make it look like it had just been filled with goodies from the market ;) I mean doesn't everyone bring a brown dotted bag to the flower market?! lol
These are the Petaloo Botanical flowers, aren't they stunning?! They feel so cool, kind of silky almost like real petals! These pinks are sooo gorgeous paired with the new "Motley" and "Never Grow Up" lines! Like they were made for each other! ;)
Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments you are all leaving! I love how papercrafting brings so many lovely people together, it's awesome!
Have a wonderful evening!
Love, Rah


Marion Smith Designs & Petaloo Spring Blog Hop!

Happy Monday and Happy Springtime woohoo! Today is the start of a blog hop between Petaloo and Marion Smith Designs! "Hop" on over to Marion's blog and check out some gorgeous spring inspiration!
Here's a little sneaky peeky of my garden journal;

These Petaloo Botanical flowers are so beautiful! I just love them!
I thought they would be perfect on a garden journal, especially paired up with the gorgeous new "Motley" and "Never Grow Up" lines by Marion Smith! All I did was cover a cheapy composition style notebook and voila, a perfect place to store details of one of my favorite places on earth, my garden. Love. 
Thank you for stopping by and make sure you check out the other designers blogs, there are some STUNNING projects!
Love, Rah  


Organize & Revitalize

Well hello happy Friday woot woot! Where did this week go? Or should I say where did the month go already sheesh?! Just stoppin in to say hey, show you a little peeky of what's been goin on... My house right now is getting remodeled slowwwllyyyy. It's a very long slow process when you have to save a little chunk of money here and there to do the work, but it's still exciting!! My scrap studio is in chaos right now, I'm in the midst of de-stashing and organizing! Which I love! It's like shopping kinda lol! I have collected so much stuff over the years, it's time to let it go. I am going to donate most of it which is pretty cool, hopefully it'll get used instead of just collecting dust. Lots and lots of dust. There's a closet in my studio that needs some organization so here's what I'm gonna do! I bought a white shelf from Ikea;

Then I'm going to fill it up with these;

They're so cute, large, and plus you get 2 for $5.00! Love! I'm usually not a matchy matchy kind of gal, but it will look nice and neat, plus the pink stripes I mean come on ;) I'm going to fill them with necessary-but-not-so-pretty-items.

I can't wait to get organized, hopefully the creative part of my brain will work better because of it lol!

What is your favorite way to organize your stash? I would love some idears!

Have a beautiful day!

Love, Rah


This One's For The Girls

Good morning Happy Sunday! I have a new vintage layout up at the Marion Smith Designs blog, using her new "Motley" and "Never Grow Up" lines. Here's a little sneaky peeky;

Go check it out!! Have a beautiful day!

xoxo Rah


If I Was A Memory...The Project Part 2

It's Friday woooohooo!! Such a glorious day of the week lol! There are all kinds of things going on in my life right now, some good, some kind of sad. But that's what life is right? The best way to describe what's going on with me right now would be this country song that I like, some of the lyrics are just so perfect! Darryl Worley sings;

"I laid in bed that night and thought about the day and how my life is like a roller coaster ride, the ups and downs and crazy turns along the way, it'll throw you off if you don't hold on tight; You can't really smile until you've shed some tears, I could die today or I might live on for years...I love this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful, beautiful life."

I'm not a huge country music fan, but it really is a great song that you should listen to it at least once, and I'll bet you a dollar you'll tap your foot at least once ;) Some of the best inspiration I get for layouts comes from song lyrics! I Love music!

Anyhoo, on Tuesday I shared my very first project up on the Heidi Swapp Blog, and it's something I've had on my heart for a very long time! I love this concept so much that I named my new blog after it, as a constant reminder to document the things in life about myself I will leave behind. I hope you not only read it, but connect to it, enjoy it, and play along! Here's a sneaky peeky; 



This is a behind-the-picture-story kind of thing, my brother Aaron thinks it's funny to always throw water and food at me sooo that's why I used this picture, it makes me laugh. It reminds me of all of the fun family parties my family has, that are completely chaotic such a lovely time of food fights and throwing people in the lake family togetherness..


This picture is one of my prized possession type of pictures, it's my mom holding me the day after they brought me home from the hospital, she said it was HOTT!!! Plus she said I was so fat they needed a wheel barrel to roll me around in... I thought it would be neat to put my birthday in digits along the side, I just love silver glitter paper, kinda hooked!


We are limited to the number of pics we put on a blog post all at once, of course you can't have a post with like 50 pictures on it lol sssoooo I was thinnkkiinnggg since life is such an ongoing beautiful process, why don't I keep a tab up top here on my blog, I'll keep my project up on there along with tutes, tips, and tricks that I may come across, and everytime I add a spread I will update it! It might take me a few days but whatever I have done will be up and we'll go from there!

I hope I have inspired you to play along and document what makes you, You. And to ask yourself, 

What If I Was A Memory?

We don't always love pictures of ourselves, and we don't always have fabulous stories about our lives, but the important part is that we lived and that we were here. That in and of itself is fabulous document material.     

Love, Rah



Hey there! Here's the link if you would like to follow along via Bloglovin, it's kind of a cool setup they have goin!  Be back later with some scrap-happyness!

Love yas!


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If I Was A Memory... The Project Part 1

Hi! Welcome again to my new happy place! Time for some fun & new creative adventures! Have you ever had something that you dreamed and dreamed and dreamed about for a verrrrrry lonnnng time and just never in a million thought it would happen? Like ever? Like ever ever? Well recently one of those things happened for me, and it's still pretty surreal. Like it still hasn't hit me, there's no way Jose, notta chance in this life sister kinda thing... but it did happen. I am now a member of the Heidi Swapp Media Team! I just can't believe it?! Heidi is so amazing, I will never be able to express my gratitude to that beautiful girl for this opportunity, never. I just love her! I have taken many of her classes, and she is just this beautiful genuine soul who is just so real and true. Not to mention her products absolutely rock.  I truly hope I can do them justice and make her proud!

It just so happens that today I have my first post up on  her blog, another chapter in The Art Of Observation. Here is the quote I'm using;

Art of Observation Quote Sarah Bargo

I thought it was beautiful! And perfect for the "If I Was A Memory Project" which is very near and dear to my heart!  I hope you'll check it out, along with my actual project that goes along with it. It will be up tomorrow!

Thank you for checking out my new blog, I have a few more things to add and we'll be in biz!
So many new and exciting things happening, God is so good. No. God is Great.

Love, Rah


My New Crib

Hey paper peeps! Welcome to my new home on the web! So glad you followed me here ;) I was sad to leave my other blog, but I needed to refresh a little, do a little spring cleaning! 
There are lots of fun things ahead so stay tuned!