If I Was A Memory Project

**NOTE** This was my very first project as a designer on the Heidi Swapp Media Team. It will always have a special place in my heart for that reason ;) I hope it inspires you to create something beautiful about yourself, something about your legacy. Enjoy!

I have had this project weighing on my heart for quite some time now.  It came about when one of my dear friends passed, very suddenly. This was probably the weirdest and least expected time for me to have an epiphany, but as scrapbookers sometimes that happens, doesn’t it? Scrapbooking totally changes the way your mind looks at things, or OBSERVES things! I love it. So I went up to say my goodbye, and there was a little picture of his kids next to him, and he was wearing a Chicago Bears hat. I was emotional of course, but all of a sudden I got hit with a different kind of sadness. I started thinking, this is all they have to show who he was? What he loved and lived for? He was such an awesome guy! All of these questions started going through my mind, like will his children ever really know how much he loved and adored them? What were his dreams? His fears? His accomplishments? Sure there’s a little slide show playing, but some of the pictures of him, he had sadness in his eyes. Why was he hurting? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a scrapbook or something sitting here for people to look at that showed who he was? After all these years, every precious second of his life, each breath… and now he’s a memory. And then it hit me. What if I was a Memory?

Art of Observation Quote Sarah Bargo

 I don’t want my babies to ever wonder about how much I loved them, or how wonderful they have made my life. I don’t want my mom to ever wonder if I truly loved and appreciated all of the countless hours of her baking treats for my school parties, that I’ll never forget the humming sound of her sewing machine whipping out some amazing Halloween costume for my parade at school. Life is filled with millions of precious memories!

Here’s where the art-of-observation-with-a-twist comes in. I want you to observe… You. I want you to ask yourself; What am I leaving behind? What is my legacy? What if I Was a Memory? What do I want my people to remember about me? And then get it down, get it documented. The good, the bad, the silly. All of it. Don’t wait! Memories fade, and after all, no one can tell your story like you do.

I added another chapter into the Art Of Observation, where I challenged you to observe, You! To ask yourself, “What If I Was A Memory?” Then to take all of those wonderful memories of your life that you have stored in your heart and get them documented! The way I am doing mine is sort of a home d├ęcor piece, something pretty to have sitting out that will make me happy ;) I found this really cool clip board at Hobby Lobby that sits on top of a pedestal, and as soon as I saw it I knew that it needed a chunky memory file album hanging off the
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front of it, heh heh! I took my “clipboard-on-a-stick” and gave it a fresh shot of spray paint, added a couple memory files, and this is what I came up with;



I used a mixture of the Vintage Chic, Mixed Company, and Hello Today collections. I put a hinge on the upper right hand corner that’s attached with Velcro (I pretty much Velcro everything in life. That and duct tape), to keep the cover from opening since it’s standing upright! Also I stuck some Velcro on the back of it for some extra support, since this is going to be a super chunky book! You can’t really see from these pics, but there is a whole other folder in the middle that opens and will be filled up too! That will be a grand total of 6 pages woohoo! This is what you see when you open the cover…


On each side there are cascading pages, sort of like giant photo stacks! These are super easy to make, all you do is take 2 pieces of 8 1/2 x 11 white cardstock, put them on top of each other and slide one down about 1/4 of an inch, like this;


Then fold the whole thing in half until the end result is this;


Trim off the excess off of one side depending on the width of the surface you are “stacking” them on, and then the fun begins! You can cover each piece with whatever pretty paper you choose, then either use a stapler or tie a string through the top to attach them. (I used bakers twine!) I printed out my quote from yesterday and put it on the top piece, and just added a little bow and a piece of a sparkly banner delight!


Here’s a look at a few of the pages;



I was so inspired by the beautiful butterfly cards in the Make Pretty Stuff e-book, that I had to put one in here! I stuck a few extra pics inside the card which makes a cool interactive piece! This is a picture of my mom holding me the day after they brought me home from the hospital on a 100 degree day in June. She tried to return me but they wouldn’t take me back, ha! Just kiddin. I think.. With such a little space to use, I like to place a glassine pocket behind the photo and that creates a extra little place to slide in tags & other ephemera. Manila tags look fabulous with Coral Color Shine! Lots of lovely layers make me swoon!



Don’t forget to talk about all of the places you’ve lived! I attached a new Color Magic Envelope to put pics of my childhood home, they’re not exactly the right colors I want
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with my pink & blue color combo so I like to hide photos like that!



This is a very large project to make, but it will be so awesome when it’s all filled up! Very rewarding. I think the whole next 2 pages will be of my boys, they’re kind of important, I guess… ;) Some other topics I am going to cover are softball (including my newspaper clippings of me pitching that I saved from high school!), my church and amazing pastor, my coffee addiction, pets, gardening, etc. etc. I cant’ wait to finish it! The best part of this project is having this beautiful treasure that your family can look through, to learn a little bit more in detail about who you are, and what makes you, YOU.


  1. I love your If I was A Memory Project and I would love to see the rest of your pages.Thanks.

  2. I absolutely adore that stand & your Memory book! Gorgeous!


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