Marquee Love Mummy!

Well hello there paper peeps! I have a super fun and not~so~scary Halloween project for you to do today with your kiddos! I know you're familiar with the Heidi Swapp Marquee Love line, but have you seen the new cutie Halloween shapes?! They're adorable! And perfect to add some special lighting to your festivities!
Let me show you what we're making today!
Halloween wouldn't be complete without a cahreepy mummy right?! Well, he's more cute than creepy but whatevs...
Here are some supplies to gather up;
Marquee Love- skull
glue gun
googly eyes
Something I love using in my projects is cheesecloth! It's super cheap and adds awesome texture! You can find it hanging in your supermarket by all the kitchen gadgets usually!
Now go ahead and assemble your skull with the lights, you can decorate the skull first but I kept mine all white.
Cut your cheesecloth into strips!
Now start adding your layers in random directions, while gluing each end on the back. I used a hot glue gun, but if you're making one with a kid, maybe use a more kid friendly adhesive ;)
I wanted to use real googly eyes but my local craft store didn't have them, so I just googled "googly eye clip art" and printed some out! Then I cut them out and glued them on going in silly directions!
I layered one more piece across his face...

And voila! Super cute mummy to share your Halloween treats with ;)
Can't wait to see what you make! Now to figure out his buddy, Frankenstein....
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