Journey Of A Dream Chaser

Hey there Happy Friday yesssss!!! Being that tomorrow's National Scrapbook Day, I started thinking about my journey as a scrapbooker. It goes way back to when I was little, but it all boils down to my mom tipping me off about a scrapbook store that opened, and that was it. I was toast. Complete paper addict ever since! So wandering through this store and buying magazines led me to want to wander out into the world a little more, which led me to attending my very first Scrapbook Expo ever! Wowza I never thought it would've changed my life so much! When I saw all this stuff under one roof, I knew that I was gonna be in it hardcore, forever. And wow has it been an amazing wild ride ever since! 

Over at the Heidi Swapp blog today I have a layout up that is celebrating my scrapbook journey!

It's so amazing how many years have gone by already, life is moving oh so fast, which is why we need to document things and get stuff down on paper! Before we forget!! 

So this weekend when you are thinking about what to make? Why don't you make a layout about your scrapbook journey? 

Think about;


I bet you'll remember things that you'd thought you'd forgotten about ;) and after all the time and heart and soul you put into this beloved lifestyle, I think it definitely earned a page, or even a mini album! 

Ta-Ta for now! Have a wonderful #NSD15! 

Get scrappin! 

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