Enjoy The View- Watercolor Edges

Well heller there! Ohmygosh I have so much fun stuff to share with you! But first today I want to share a layout with you! Heidi Swapp has a new gorgeous collection out called "Wanderlust," and that's what I used on my page today, along with some Thickers. I hafta admit, I realized that I am a bit of a Thickers hoarder, and I plan on utilizing them lol! Starting today! 
I took this picture of my tootsies with my phone as I was lying on Newport Beach. I have never been there before, and I am so glad I got to spend some time there in January! It was breathtakingly beautiful! As soon as you walk onto it, the aroma of the salty sea air just fills your nose. It is pure heaven.
The "Enjoy the View" die cut is actually part of the Minc Foil Applicator products! Gold foil adds such a beautiful touch to your paper projects! You HAVE to get your hands on one of these new machines, you will be astounded! They are amazing!
This collection has this pretty yellowy floral paper, so I fussy cut a few of those babies and tucked them under my picture to draw some attention to it. I just love these papers together, they scream BEACH! SUMMER! WARM!! And those stripes just remind me of a canopy stretched out over the beach!
That cute little "today" wood veneer is sprayed with the "Ocean" Color Shine, and it comes in a little pack of 4, and there are a bunch of packs so you're definitely going to find the word you want :)

I wanted to play with some of Heidi's new Color Shine Colors, Ocean & Patina which are my new faves! They are sooo beautiful! I wanted to add a little color to the edges, but I wanted it to look kinda watercolory because it's a picture of the sea, so if you want this look this is what you do;

1. Grab a makeup sponge, and spray both colors next to each other down onto your craft mat.
2. Then spray one shot of water onto each Color Shine puddle.
3. Take your makeup sponge and dab into one color, then gently brush it over your edges.
4. Then take the same sponge, dab in into the other color and brush that over those same edges.
5. Voila! That's it!

Then if you want these watercolory droplets, this is what I do;

1. Spray Color Shine one time into the lid.
2. Spray a shot of water into that same lid.
3. Fling that onto a paper towel to get most of it out so you don't get a big glob onto your project (unless you want that of course!)
4. Fling the remaining mixture into droplets onto your paper. Just kinda flick your wrist and it should look like this;

 **Be sure to mask off any area with a paper towel that you don't want droplets on.** I may have overdone it but whatevs, it's all good!
Lots of fun things ahead, like a CHA recap, some Capture 30, some more fun pages, things like that! I hope you'll join me!
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  1. Sarah...love your awesome layout! Love how you explained what you did. (I think I am going to give that a try) And in general just LOVE your blog. Very enjoyable reading. :o)


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