Hello loves! Just poppin in today to remind you that the new Jot Magazine 8 came out today yeah baby!! There's so much inspiration in there so grab a fresh cuppa somethin or other and enjoy ;) Oh yeah! You might see this little layout o mine in the gold gallery... I used the amazing new collection by Maggie Holmes, Open Book. Seriously, the colors in this collection are so rich I just love them.

Maggie Massey captured this photo of me at the end of one crazy. Magical. Day. We hosted our first ever Daydream the Event this year and it was totally awesome. To say the least. I was exhausted but floating on a cloud at the end of the day and then the girls started chanting "scrub the floors Cinderelly" and then started laughing at me then whipped tomatoes and cats and empty beer bottles at me nahhh I'm just kiddin hahahaa ;)  were you like whaaatt????

Anyhoo have an amazing day and get scrappin woodja?!
xoxo Rah

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