Make Something Beautiful

Hello lovelies! So happy to have you here today! Recently I was thrust into the world of Project Life, and I'm not really that good at it yet, but I am having so much fun playing! I am definitely going to mix some PL page protectors in with my 12x12 layouts, I think that will look awesome and make my albums more interesting to look through!
Recently, Shimelle came out with her new adorable scrapbook line through American Crafts! There is also a Project Life Mini Kit that goes along with the collection, and it is just as gorgeous! The colors are so fun, with lots of gold foil which I may or may not be currently obsessed with ;)
NERD ALERT: I love opening a fresh new PL pack of cards! I love to look through them one at a time, it's like a surprise every time you flip a card lol! I'm such a dork.
As I was looking through Shimelle's mini kit, I was just like wow this is so pretty! Sooo all I wanted to do was create a totally simple spread with the cards, just to have something pretty to enjoy! Pure eye candy.
Here's what I came up with!
I added lots of Crate Paper embellishments and the beautiful Heidi Swapp Gold Foil Page Protectors, and ummm ok. Only 3 pictures. Sorry. I suppose the theme of this layout is how I love making beautiful crafty things, and having a hobby or two completely devoted to playing with pretty paper and sparkly goodness! I just wanted something girly and pinky to look at!
Here's some close ups!;
Picture of me at Scrapfest 2013, so sad that there isn't one this year! But so happy to be starting my own scrappy adventure with Maggie Massey on September 27th woot woot! Check out the deets here eek!

Another hobby of mine is to create a bunch of sparkly jewelry with bits & baubles and all sorts of blingy things! Especially if I am going somewhere artsy fartsy! So of course I had to include that in my crafty "Make Something Beautiful" layout ;)

I learned that I need to practice photographing gold foil objects... a lot....

Some other items I love that aren't necessarily crafty persayyyy but they make me unbelievably happy! Cupcakes, & strawberries. And gold ornate frames... and hearts... and frosting...

Isn't this card so pretty? Don't even have to do anything with it?!

Sometimes PL cards only need a tiny little sprinkle in the middle, and that's it!

I literally found these top 2 snippets in a little pile of miscellany items on a little plate I have in my studio, sooo I stuckem on there. Why not?

Story. Of. My. Life.

I had so much fun looking through my stash of girly stuff to find little pretty things to include on this spread! You don't always have to be documenting, sometimes your creative brain just needs to make something. Anything. Pink & gold deliciousness ;)

Thanks for stoppin by today, if you have any tips on photographing PL layouts and gold foil I would so love to hear them! Ciao!

xoxo Rah



  1. Love the - I just want to stay home and make pretty things card! Did you make it or was it partnof shimmel kit?

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I need to somehow hunt down this kit ♥


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