daydream...the event

Are you in the Chicagoland area? Has your crafty soul been yearning for a glorious day spent in pure creative bliss? Well get ready because boy do I have the awesomest thing to share with you! Awhile ago my dear friend Maggie Massey  and I sat down over lunch and decided to do something big. Something for papercrafters to come together in a beautiful place to create, eat, and most importantly have lots of fun! Something to shake up the Midwest a little! We discovered that we have both been wanting to plan a papercrafting event for a long time, and so our right brains started to pour out tons of amazing ideas. A beautiful day filled with pretty papers, delectable desserts, and mingling together with other artists in a sparkling atmosphere! And so, Daydream was born.
How did the name Daydream come about? Well, what do we creative people do all time? We are constantly thinking of projects, always looking for inspiration, and I'm totally speaking for myself, but I know I am ALWAYS daydreaming. And being that this will be a one day retreat, Daydream is kinda the perfect name!
Here's a some deets about this fantastic day!
What do you think? It's going to be so fun! I hope you will join us! Be sure to register over at www.daydreamtheevent.blogspot.com so we can start sending you goodies!
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