Today Was Magic

Once upon a time, Heidi Swapp came to Illinois to teach some classes at a store in Antioch called Hannah's Home Accents. She was going to be celebrating her birthday a few days later, so Maggie Massey and I were super excited that we got to spend her birthday weekend with her! We came up with the idea that it would be totally awesome to have a surprise birthday party for miss Heidi, and I can't believe it, but we totally pulled it off. I mean, like everything was perfect pulled it off. I had to drive 40 minutes back and forth from the bakery to my house to pick up the amazing Atomic Cake and 50 cupcakes, then get them all up to Antioch without anything bad happening to them or them melting! Scarrryyyy!! But God answered my prayers and everything turned out perfecto! I am so thankful that I got to plan this with Maggie! It was so fun sneakin and planning, everytime we were texting about ideas for it I was totally giddy like a kid! She did so awesome getting all of the décor together, it was so beautiful! She also made these little flowers to put on the mini cute water bottles, she is so good at little details like that! Birthdays are just so cool, I just love them and when you get to do something special for someone like Heidi, it just makes it that much more awesome! So here are some pictures of the partay for you to enjoy, Maggie got the "Oh Joy" partay décor at Target, the colors are just stunning! With the gold?! Ugh. Fantastic.

Looks like a partay...

If you've never experienced an atomic cake, this is what the insides look like. Layers of pure delicious happiness topped with fluffy whipped cream straight from bakery heaven...

Pink roses with mint green writing...

The table looked so cute!

Frosting heaven! The cupcakes were moist yellow cake topped with delicious buttercream frosting and edible glitter! Maggie made these fantastic cupcake picks, they were so perfect!

I bought these beautiful die cut white cupcake wraps and I totally forgot they were in the car boohoo ;(

The birthday girl ;) Her reaction was just priceless. It was actually a very emotional day lol but in a good way! Soulful women we are ;)
So Dana, the owner of Hannah's, took Heidi in the kitchen to grab a quick bite while we were flyin around like crazies getting everything set up! Heidi said she was eating slowwwww and was like "Where are they?!" lololol heehee so sneaky we are!

I will never forget this weekend as long as I live. It was just pure magic. Such a wonderful way to create special memories!
Here is Dana & I, I am so glad I got to know her better this time, she is an absolute sweetheart and just so funny! Just say no to almonds. Nuff said.
My dear sweet friends Cheryl & Mags;

Moi & Cheryl;
At the end we let the balloons go, and we all made wishes..It was the perfect ending to a magical weekend.

Will never forget!
Thank you so much for hangin with me today, I hope you enjoyed my little slide show of Heidi's Birthday Partay, there's a ton of pics but I didn't want to flood you lol!  
Have a blessed day!
Love, Rah xoxo



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  1. I can't believe this was already 2 weeks ago...amazing. That weekend was one of my best ever...thank you so much for being so awesome...


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