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So lets talk about the selfie craze. I'll be honest here.. when I read this selfie movement assignment, I think I stared at the computer with the deer in the headlights look for a good solid 3 minutes... I'm just not a selfie kinda girl.. I think I've taken about 3 since I've owned a cell phone! And they were painful lol! I'm one of those "ugh I hate pictures of myself" kind of people, so this was truly a challenge for me! But you know what? I am so thankful that we did this! It made me stop and think about so many things! It was really an eye opener.  It caused me to evaluate why I'm such a weirdo when it comes to looking at pictures of myself? And why do I look at a picture of myself and immediately start tearing myself to shreds? I think I took over 100 selfies and deleted about 95 of them.. and a few things went through my mind during this process; ugh look how fat my face looks (there's the over critiquing), so & so always looks perfect in her selfies so why is this hard for me to get just one good one (boom there's the comparison of someone in a totally different gene pool) , and wow using my dog as a pillow in the grass is the best spot in the world!

I never understood why us women compare ourselves to each other, it's really silly if you think about it. Can you imagine 2 men having a conversation saying "Wow I wish my buns were as taught as his" or "gee I wish my eyebrows were as contoured as yours, do you get them waxed?" God created us all so differently and uniquely, when did we start believing that that's not enough? We are created in His image, so how could each one of us be anything less than a miracle? And when are we gonna start believing that it's so awesome to be different?! How boring would life be if we all looked the same?! I mean, if Dr. Suess gets it, why can't I?! He said; Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you." There is no one alive like you. No one. Why try to be like someone else or look like someone else or try to "fit the mold?" Thanks to this assignment, I am so over that now. I am so going to flood your Instagram accounts with Sarah selfies! It's going to be Sarah-selfie-mania! lol just kidding. But. I AM going to start embracing who I am, I'm just going to get over it, and start realizing that my family won't care if I look chunky monkey in my pictures or that my nose looks a little on the larger side.. Someday my children will be grateful to have my selfies just because it's me. Their momma. And they'll say, "hey remember where we took that picture?" or "hey remember that day when we were at the zoo and so & so peed right in the middle of the picnic lawn area because he was potty training and got M&M's everytime he didn't pee his pants?" I mean who doesn't love funny memories like that?! We need these photographs. We need them to jog our memories and to help us remember every one of life's precious little moments. Because in reality?  Time flies. Memories fade.

As scrapbookers, I think we tend to get caught up in the products and creating and we forget what we're actually doing. I can't tell you how long it's been since I actually thought about what a picture actually is. What a picture actually is. It's a moment in time captured. It's an image of someone that lived, that was here, it's proof. Proof of a fabulous significant life. We need to stop hiding. Get in front of the lens!!
One of the questions we had to think about was; What does real beauty mean to you? Immediately, my mind brought up things that had nothing to do with the physical aspect. Actually, some really awesome Bible verses popped in my head. So I created a mini album that has some art journaling in it, I always really loved the look of art journals and I want to start making them! Just a fun way to document your thoughts, favorite quotes, all kinds of stuff! I used the Hello Today Collection, and the new Heidi Swapp Scrapbook Kit that you can find at Michaels, grab one because they are packed with super fun to alter!

Be You Copy
In the scrapbook kit, there are several really cool clear pieces with white accents on them, they are absolutely adorable! So I used one as my cover. Using the birdie stencil, I added some modeling paste mixed with mint green paint to add some texture to the page.
Here is the first page, I just traced a template I have in my stash for the shape, I love mixing shapes in albums it makes it more interesting to look through!

#SB copy
The next layout has a photo stack on the right hand side that I filled with some thoughts on real beauty, and some silly selfies ;)

hs love your selfie

Love Your Selfie Photostack copy

Right Now copy

Be Amazing

Beauty Is Fleeting copy

To create an artsy journal canvas page, I trimmed the scalloped canvas piece in the kit and covered it with a sloppy coating of gesso. Then, take the striped Heidi swap stencil and mint green/aqua paint and create stripes across page which will create some "lines" to journal on! I did the same on the other side!

The Good Stuff copy

This is my Catahoula that makes a great pillow ;) He's my Moo..

Moo Love copy

The next layout is my favorite, simply because the Hello Today paper pads have the most BEAUTIFUL colors and patterns, and the Lace Pad has these fabulous words cut out of the papers! There are so many possibilities with these things! I created a page with a pocket so I could slip tag into the side. Just lay the die cut paper down onto another piece of paper, and only adhere 3 sides and you have yourself a pocket!

Be Happy Selfie

Happy Girl Selfie

Happy Girls Page

I don't know what it is about that pindot stencil, but it is absolutely darling! When I was applying the modeling paste and pulled the stencil off, I immediately wanted to add more lol! I am going to be putting these little dots on everything!

Happy Texture

Some luscious layers;

Happy girls are the prettiest!

Happy Girls Are The Prettiest copy

I have this kitty named Mr. Meowgi, and he doesn't care how bad I look in the morning, he still snuggles with me. Until he's hungry then he bites my leg and tries to drag me into the bathroom to feed him...
I did some more random stenciling to another piece of cute canvas, then added some leaves I die cut. It's ok if you don't have an actual leaves die, try hand cutting them out! That looks super cute too! Be creative!

Kitty Don't Care

Kitty Don't Care 2

Be Your Best
I love this sticker; Be Your Best. Be YOUR Best. Be YOU. Because that is the MOST beautiful
So go ahead. Take some selfies! Have FUN! Celebrate this life that God has given you and stop obsessing over the little things you don't like about yourself!  Because you know what? Chances are other people don't even see them as flaws, just special little things that make you, you. And you don't HAVE to post your selfies on Insty or Facebook, just take them, print them, and keep them for your family to have someday. Create a fun little artsy fartsy journal about YOU! What I wouldn't give for a few selfies of my grandma or great-grandma?! As young girls riding a ferris wheel at the county fair? Or posing while getting ready to dig into a fresh peach cobbler they just pulled out of the oven? Can you imagine? ;)
Thanks for hangin out with me today and I hope you go take some selfies!
Love, Rah xo

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