Blush Bloom

Happy April 1st woohoo! Getting closer to nice weather here I cannot wait! The new April Memory File Planner Printable is available now over at the Heidi Swapp Blog, make sure you grab it, it's beautiful!
Today I just wanted to share a fun little tutorial with you! By no means are these a new concept, but I was just playing around with my Color Shine and I got to making these annnnd I kinda love them!  A lot. You may or may not be seeing them in a future project of mine coming up....
I call this a blush bloom..

The reason I call it that is because I used the Blush Color Shine which is soooo gorgeous! It's definitely my favorite spray evuh! Here is how you make it, it's so easy you're going to want to make tons of these things and just have them everywhere lol!

First you need;

Your Color Shine of choice, 3-4 coffee filters, and a stapler.

Start by folding the filters in half!

Fold it again;

And fold it again;

Annnd that's right. Fold it again!

Round the corners till it looks....umm....round;

Open up the filters again and give them a helping of Color Shine! Crinkle them a little and if you want them to dry fast, go ahead and use your heat gun to speed up the process!

Fold them in half like fluffy little clouds...

Take one filter, and kind of roll it around itself til it makes a cone shape, then staple at the bottom!

This is your flower center ;)

Take another filter and wrap it around your flower center, and staple again at bottom!

Keep doing this until you get the desired size you want!

And that my loves, is it. That's my fabulously easy peasy not too cheesy tutorial!

Ohmygosh these are so fun! Just wait til you have it in your hand and you keep crinkling and fluffing, they are just so fun and pretty to make! I gave mine a shot of Gold Lame Color Shine afterwards, and wowza did it look fancy! Just kinda stepped it up a notch.

I hope you'll make some, if anything it'll get your creative juices flowin and you'll be on your way to creating something totally fabulous!

Thank you so much for stopping in, have a beautiful day!

Love, Rah



  1. You make this look so easy!! I'll have to give it a try. By the way, I love your creations you've shared! You're so talented :-)

  2. Um awesome!!!! I so want to make a vase full of these!

  3. OMW girl this is adorable and wonderful tutorial, I need HS Color Shine in pinks.....and you know me love my coffee and my coffee filters....great idea

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! It looks easy and super cute. I must go try it right away...


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