Organize & Revitalize

Well hello happy Friday woot woot! Where did this week go? Or should I say where did the month go already sheesh?! Just stoppin in to say hey, show you a little peeky of what's been goin on... My house right now is getting remodeled slowwwllyyyy. It's a very long slow process when you have to save a little chunk of money here and there to do the work, but it's still exciting!! My scrap studio is in chaos right now, I'm in the midst of de-stashing and organizing! Which I love! It's like shopping kinda lol! I have collected so much stuff over the years, it's time to let it go. I am going to donate most of it which is pretty cool, hopefully it'll get used instead of just collecting dust. Lots and lots of dust. There's a closet in my studio that needs some organization so here's what I'm gonna do! I bought a white shelf from Ikea;

Then I'm going to fill it up with these;

They're so cute, large, and plus you get 2 for $5.00! Love! I'm usually not a matchy matchy kind of gal, but it will look nice and neat, plus the pink stripes I mean come on ;) I'm going to fill them with necessary-but-not-so-pretty-items.

I can't wait to get organized, hopefully the creative part of my brain will work better because of it lol!

What is your favorite way to organize your stash? I would love some idears!

Have a beautiful day!

Love, Rah


  1. I love those pink boxes, where did you find them ??

    1. Hey there! I found them at Ikea ;) So cheap but awesome! xoox


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