If I Was A Memory... The Project Part 1

Hi! Welcome again to my new happy place! Time for some fun & new creative adventures! Have you ever had something that you dreamed and dreamed and dreamed about for a verrrrrry lonnnng time and just never in a million thought it would happen? Like ever? Like ever ever? Well recently one of those things happened for me, and it's still pretty surreal. Like it still hasn't hit me, there's no way Jose, notta chance in this life sister kinda thing... but it did happen. I am now a member of the Heidi Swapp Media Team! I just can't believe it?! Heidi is so amazing, I will never be able to express my gratitude to that beautiful girl for this opportunity, never. I just love her! I have taken many of her classes, and she is just this beautiful genuine soul who is just so real and true. Not to mention her products absolutely rock.  I truly hope I can do them justice and make her proud!

It just so happens that today I have my first post up on  her blog, another chapter in The Art Of Observation. Here is the quote I'm using;

Art of Observation Quote Sarah Bargo

I thought it was beautiful! And perfect for the "If I Was A Memory Project" which is very near and dear to my heart!  I hope you'll check it out, along with my actual project that goes along with it. It will be up tomorrow!

Thank you for checking out my new blog, I have a few more things to add and we'll be in biz!
So many new and exciting things happening, God is so good. No. God is Great.

Love, Rah


  1. Your project was just exquisite sarah!

  2. Congrats on the Design Team!! Just found you via Heidi's blog!!! I'm following through blog lovin so I don't miss a thing!



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